French Macarons (Set of 6)


French Macarons (Set of 6)


A classic french cookie sandwich, made with almond flour and light meringue to yield a thin crispy outer shell and a perfectly chewy inside. Macarons are sold in multiples of 6.


  • Vanilla Bean: Flecks of pure bean add flavor to both the cookie and our creamy buttercream filling.

  • Chocolate Hazelnut: This hazelnut based cookie is perfectly complimented by our rich dark chocolate ganache filling.

  • Lavender: Aromatic and fruity, this lavender cookie gets its flavor from both the pure extract and dried lavender buds.

  • Salted Caramel: This cookie is sandwiched with our creamy buttercream icing and sweet amber caramel with a hint of sea salt

  • Raspberry: Sandwiched with our vanilla buttercream and our house-made raspberry jam

  • Lemon: Brighten your tastebuds with our lemon curd filled cookie, a perfect treat no matter what time of year!

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We require 48 hours advance notice for all orders.

Minimum Order: 1 set of 6

Maximum Order: 4 dozen (8 sets of 6)

If you’d like to order more than 4 dozen, we can absolutely accommodate your order, but we may need more than 48 hours notice. Just give us a call at 913.236.4411 to place your order.

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